Real Estate Production Experts

Production District is Southern California’s leading 3D videography company focused on digitizing and documenting your home space. Our all-in-one 3D data services enables home buyers and realtors to turn their home or homes into an accurate and immersive digital copy which can be used to tour and view from the comfort of your own home. Combining, aerial photography, videography, full 360-degree tours and the magic of Matterport.

all services to showcase your listings

With a large number of realtors fighting for the same inventory, presenting a listing in the best light can be difficult most of the time… Either the price is not right or the photographs and videos are not representative enough of the property. Production District makes it so you are paying an affordable price as well as getting amazing results. Production District is a videography company that provides any and all services to showcase your listings. We use Matterport to create user friendly 3d tours that increase the chances of your home being sold. Not only 3d tours but also luxury videos and as well as photographs to ensure that your listing stands out from the rest.